i like to move it, move it

At our board meeting recently, the inevitable discussion of the economy came up. Thankfully, our foundation’s wise and prudent investment strategy has softened the blow for our foundation, and thus for the students we serve. And though the discussion was focused on financial aspects, I found my mind wandering to economic coping strategies on a more personal level. How do I deal with the stress and the strife when things seem a bit overwhelming and the bottom line is looming?

Well, I like to move it, move it!

As a staff member, sometimes I feel the effects of the “behind the desk syndrome,” where my view seems clouded by my desk and papers and deadlines and oh gosh! all that intense stuff! During those times, it is so important for me to physically move myself out from behind my desk and into the community where I can see our mission in action. I had the pleasure of doing that twice recently, at a Take Stock in Children celebration event and at Valencia’s Alumni Achievers Reception.

At both events, what struck me was that the achievement and accolades go so beyond just the student being called to the podium. It transcends the room: It is the pride in the faces of the parents, teachers and mentors; it is in the hope of the younger children – siblings, sons and daughters – who now see that education and success are attainable.

As the claps and the hoots and joy rang out at the alumni event, our board chair, Helen, turned to me and said, “This is what it is all about.”

And she’s right – it’s not just about who needs to be called back first or which email I need to respond to…it’s about attending to my daily work with the real purpose in mind – to bring education, and the realized dreams that come with it, to so many in our community.

I’m grateful to have been able to experience those events. Suddenly, my view just got a lot brighter.



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