we are lost, but somehow found … each other!

This past Friday was the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Orlando golf tournament. The outing was great; it was at Reunion Resort which is absolutely gorgeous! A lot of golfers and good times and scholarships raised for students. All in all a fantastic day. I’m sure we’ll get a great recap from Anissa when all the numbers are in – today I wanted to chat about a funny story from the day that really made me think.

As volunteers for the outing, we were dispatched out on the course, and entered the course from a kind of side road that led to the morning’s registration area. It was not a difficult road to find, but at the fork, you were tempted to go the other way which eventually took you over a very cool bridge while enjoying natural Florida landscaping (as I said before, Reunion is gorgeous). Celica and I did indeed fall to that temptation and took the road better traveled. Soon realized we were about seven holes away from where we needed to be and the tournament was ending!

An anxiousness set in – would we get back in time? We needed to get raffle prizes out of our cars and help with the luncheon! Nervously we headed over the horizon, perhaps we could backtrack on the main road. Suddenly, up over the next small hill, comes a golf cart – and in it we see two red shirts and two big smiles. We had found some of our fellow Valencia Foundation team! They had re-routed as well and had come the other way. After a few minutes, we figured out which fork we should have taken and headed back with quick determination.

All was well … we got back just in time and finished the day. Looking around the room at lunch I realized, isn’t that just how it is for a team at work? We all set out on our own path, in our own “life cart.” Some of us drive fast, some slow and there may be some wrong turns and nervous times along the way. And yet, we all found each other – of all the people out there, we came together to form this amazing team of people who achieve good things, really good things, to further the mission of Valencia Foundation. Anything we do is touched by, shaped by, driven by this team and it amazes me what an impact everyone’s work has on our students and community. And… there is no better group to spend the day on the golf course with!


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