for students: sos funds may help in a pinch

Many of our students face sudden life crises that may force them out of school. Often they are an unexpected car bill, a change in child care arrangements, an insurance premium increase or other expenses that occur when “life happens.”

Too many times, a relatively minor expense looms large, and forces a student out of school.

The foundation makes available modest SOS grants — which don’t impact financial aid eligibility — of up to $300 to assist eligible students based on the recommendation of Valencia student advisers. The turnaround is typically just a few days.

The intention is to keep our students learning and enrolled in class, making progress toward their ultimate goals.

If you need a hand, please visit the student Answer Desk on campus to speak with an adviser and apply.


2 Responses

  1. I am currently taking a summer Trig. class and signed up for the T.I.P. program. due to the cutting of hors at osceola county where I work, I know work only two days a week. The T.I.P. program is automatically taking funds out of my checking account, when there is no funds available. I have accumulated many overdraft fees, all in which I have no money to pay. I was wondering if there was any way I could get help to pay for this class. I have paid over $150.00 toward the class bill but do not have the rest. I was also unable to buy the necessary textbook for study in the course. Thanyou and any feed back would be appreciated. Jason Walters

    • Please visit a campus near you; there are advisors on campus who can help. Check in at the student Answer Center where guidance will be provided to review your personal situation and discuss options.

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