that to-do list

Celebrating the Fourth of July or Independence Day, the average person has one of several images in their mind: the beach, the sand, the sun, the pool, that yearly road trip, the boat, B-B-Qs, friends, family, fireworks, picnics, and good fun and celebration. I am certainly one of those individuals. In fact, I had those very same thoughts in my head, but not too far off, I had one all-too consuming thought as I enjoyed three days away from the office –my to-do list. As I lounged pool side with an ice cold Pepsi in one hand and a yummy grilled Sabrett hot dog with just the perfect smidgen of Gulden’s spicy mustard in another, I thought of that pesky to-do list. It’s not a bad thing, right? It’s a simple to-do list, a “what comes next in my agenda” type list. Sometimes it’s an actual list of numbered items and sometimes it’s that that ever popular post-it on the side of your desk, or in my case, multiple post-its that adorn my desk in hues of purple, blue, pink and yellow.

Forgive me; I digressed momentarily as I thought about the rainbow of post-its sitting on my desk.

Back to the present: I find solace in thinking that my Valencia (yes, VCC is not for me either) friends and colleagues, each deep in their own Independence Day celebration, are probably carrying their to-do list with them as well. Suddenly, it dawned on me and quite clearly I must add. We each carry our to-do lists with us because we are passionate about what we do and who we do it for.

You see, each of us has this special position that makes up the greater sum of all parts. We are all part of this unique equation. Our to-do lists equate to a successful college experience for those students we serve every day. And then I think even deeper because my mind never keeps things surface – I often delve into the abyss of thought. The simple fact is that my fellow Valencia family come to work and do what they do every day because every day we make a difference to someone. We don’t come to work for a paycheck or carry our to-do lists because we have nothing better to do. We carry these to-do lists because they make us better and we in turn, pass this along to those who need us. Our paychecks are what those outside the Valencia family may deem as the final reward for our hard work. But for me and my fellow colleagues and friends, the final reward is watching students from all walks of life begin their educational journey. And even though their final destination is unknown, when they finally arrive, they’ll think back to those who were so instrumental along the way – those who carried their to-do lists with them daily.

When I graduated from Valencia many years ago, I never imagined the foundation it set forth. And years later, my life’s journey has brought me back to the place where it all began. I am once again home and doing my part to share with others what was given to me long ago. What a life to live everyday!!!!

So, my Valencia friends…as you celebrated this past Fourth of July thinking of the various things you needed to do upon return to your offices on Monday, know that you were not alone in your thoughts. In fact, you are of the majority who love what they do, why they do it and who they do it for. That “to-do” list – it just doesn’t seem so bad to me anymore!


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  1. I, too, carried a to-do this weekend – but only on Sunday!

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