scholarship committee rocks!

scholarshipcommitteeIt’s wonderful to witness a group of individuals so dedicated to our students.

This past Friday seven faculty, staff and foundation team members joined together to award scholarship dollars for deserving students. During one of the busiest times of the school year, our fellow committee members spent a half day to serve one purpose: awarding scholarships.

Busy as bees, the committee sifted through a healthy pile of applications and essays in search of the perfect fit.  The committee shared stories of college days, spent a few moments reading excerpts of student essays that touched our hearts, and laughed at individual’s outbursts.

Pat Lee, Career Staff representative writes “I just wanted to say how much fun I had this morning. Not only was it fun, but it’s a really rewarding experience being able to award scholarships.”

What a rewarding experience. (I hear you, Pat!) To be able to shape the future of someone that you don’t know; to believe in an individual so much that you are willing to invest in their future without hesitation or expectation. This is what makes my day bright…all I can say is the scholarship committee ROCKS!


One Response

  1. You have well organized team but they are many forms to fill for some one to win a scholarship.
    I request you kindly to let me know about your next years scholarships.
    Thank you very much i wish you well all.
    Yours Byansi George Malli

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