and the green movement continues …

Valencia’s Green Cleaning Initiative
Beginning in 2008, the custodial department began looking into ways of creating a healthier environment for our students, staff and faculty at Valencia. Several different ways were investigated to achieve this goal: (1) The methods currently being used to clean, and (2) the cleaning chemicals being used. Questions like, “What kind or brands of green certified chemicals could help us maintain a clean environment?” or “How do we change our work methods to ensure the health of our customers?” were considered. Through hard work and numerous consultations, the custodial services supervisors, coupled with support from procurement, have upgraded to what is now Valencia’s Green Cleaning Initiative. With close consideration and testing of products, the chemicals now in use are safe and environmentally responsible. So far, the custodial department has converted 80 percent of its cleaning products to those that are environmentally safe, and plans to increase that number.

(Reprinted from Changing Our WaysSummer/Fall 2009 VITAE Magazine)

Way to go Valencia!!!


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