calling all corks

Be green…
Save the Corks!

Do your part…
Save the Corks!

 Help fund scholarships…
Save the Corks!

Be environmentally responsible…
Save the Corks!

 Give your 2 cents…
Save the Corks!

Now through the end of December, you are welcome to send your wine or champagne corks to Valencia Foundation, 190 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801 or if you happen to be in the downtown area, stop by the foundation offices, say hello and personally drop off your corks (we’d love to see you). You can also take your corks to Save the Corks! containers at participating ABC Fine Wine and Spirits locations. Through a partnership with Nomacorc and Terracycle, ABC Fine Wine and Spirits will donate $.02 to A Taste for Learning for each cork recycled.

And for those attending A Taste for Learning on October 17th, be sure to bring your corks the night of the event and visit Cork Island! It’s sure to be a time you won’t forget.

Remember, your 2 cents does make a difference!



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