aging parents – parenting parents

What You Need to Know as Your Parents Age
Presenters: Helen Von Dolteren-Fournier and Julie Kronhaus

Join us for a workshop created just to help you manage your concerns or questions regarding your aging parent(s). If you are the primary caregiver or are simply concerned for the sake of your parent(s) or parent(s)-in-law and need answers, consider joining us. If you have any of the following questions, consider attending:

1. What legal documents should every parent have in place? If my parents executed their documents 20 years ago, up North, are they still good?

2. What if my parents outlive their money – what assistance/benefits are there for them? How do I find out about these programs?

3. Do you and your siblings agree on the long-term care plan for your parent?

4. My widowed mother wants to marry someone she has met at the Senior Living Center – what should she consider, legally, before she marries?

5. I suspect that my brother is misusing the Power of Attorney – what can be done?

6. Is it true that my father must ‘give away’ or ‘sell’ all his assets, including his home, to qualify for Medicaid assistance?

7. What is Guardianship and how will I know if my parent needs it?

8. My mother passed but my stepfather is still living; how can I approach him to speak about these types of issues?

9. My father was a WWII veteran – is he eligible for any VA long term care assistance and will my mother be eligible, too?

Valencia Faculty and Staff, please join us!
Thursday, September 24 from 6-8:30 p.m.
Criminal Justice Institute
Registration Code: GAP – 1 

Article provided by The Bulletin – a weekly publication for the faculty and staff of Valencia Community College.


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