the university club of orlando

thanks1I would most graciously like to take the time to thank you for your outstanding contribution. It was a pleasant surprise to see that The University Club of Orlando saw fit to assist me in my educational pursuits. While researching your organization I must say I was highly impressed with the phenomenal support you all have shown the Central Florida area for over the past 80 years. I am truly flattered to be supported by such an awesome organization, it definitely says a lot when professionals and pillars of the community take a stand to give back and uplift the surrounding communities wherever you may see a need.

Again, it sincerely means the world to me that your organization has taken an interest in support of my college endeavors. As a veteran of the U.S. Army I cannot honestly express in words the appreciation one feels when our fellow countrymen/women decide to step up and show that “you all do care.” I do hope one day to be a part of your wonderful organization and assist you all in your efforts of continuing to build this amazing community.

D. Cooper
2009-10 The University Club of Orlando
Scholarship Recipient


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