dual enrollment q & a

What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual enrollment gives a high school junior or senior a jump start on a college education, even allowing students to complete a college degree while simultaneously earning a high school diploma. In addition to saving time, students also save a lot of money with free tuition and fees and, for some, free textbooks.

Is it right for everyone?
In a word, no. The Dual Enrollment Program is an opportunity to take courses at the college level, so the amount of work necessary to succeed is usually much greater than in high school courses. Because dual enrollment courses become part of a permanent college transcript, students must commit to doing the work required or risk jeopardizing future college plans.

Who is eligible?
Any high school rising junior or senior in Orange or Osceola County with a 3.0 unweighted grade point average for all of high school work can apply.

How does one apply?
Complete the Dual Enrollment Application. It may be accessed at the site listed below. Submit the application to an Answer Center, to the Dual Enrollment Office, or to the counselor at the students high school. Students must also provide assessment scores from either the ACT, SAT, or CPT placement test at time of application or shortly thereafter.

For more information feel free to browse this years student handbook located at: 

PDF  Dual Enrollment Student Handbook 2009 – 2010       

PDF   Past Year Dual Enrollment Application for review
(students are required to submit hard copy only; no separate Valencia application required)