the scholars “wow” us again

Lisa Macon shared fun news with the college and its all about the scholars…the Rogue Scholars that is!!!

If you missed Valencia’s famous rock band, the Rogue Scholars, the first time around, you can catch them again! And our suggestion – you don’t want to miss their performance. They really know how to “WOW” a crowd!!!

When: Saturday, April 17, 2010 7-9pm
Where: Osceola Campus Auditorium (Building 2)
Cost: $5 donation at the door (concessions available for additional donations)
Why: All proceeds from this concert go directly to the Valencia Foundation to support student scholarships…

…and besides (the sentiment of many), the band simply rocks!

Who: The Rogue Scholars are Al Groccia (Math professor, vocals), Brian Macon (Math professor, drums/vocals), Danny Charriez (bass/vocals), David DaPonte (tutor, guitar), Brett Sholar (tutor, guitar), Johnny Nunez (tutor, bass), Martin Olvera (professional entertainer!), Lisa Macon (IT professor, vocals) and Andrew Becker (instructional support, guitar and all-around great guy).

This is an interactive rock concert featuring songs from various periods of rock and roll history.  Sing along, dance and party it up with the Rogue Scholars!  Kids, family, friends welcome! 

Foundation staff will be there. Will you?


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