donor spotlight: Jess Bailes

Special thanks to Jess Bails for his continued philanthropy to Valencia and our community as a whole!

When Jess Bailes speaks, people listen – and emulate his philanthropy. A Valencia alumnus and active board member of the foundation since 1996, his family’s contributions to Valencia include endowments of more than $350,000 cash and $400,000 in in-kind donations to Valencia Foundation.

Jess is executive vice president of ABC Fine Wine and Spirits and through his lead, ABC provides support for Valencia’s annual golf tournaments, fundraisers, The President’s Circle receptions, donor recognition galas and A Taste for Learning.

Currently, Jess serves as secretary for Valencia Foundation’s board of directors. Jess was a charter donor for The President’s Circle and he has served as treasurer and executive committee member for the foundation’s board of directors. In 2004, he was named board member of the year. And for service to Valencia and Valencia Foundation, ABC Fine Wine and Spirits was named “2005 Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

At the helm of A Taste for Learning since the inception in 2005, Bailes and his team at ABC continue to make the event an unprecedented success. His idea of sponsorship is definitely a welcome extravagance – bringing together vintners and hundreds of bottles of wine, as well as donating silent auction items. Through his charge, ABC also supplies signage, promotional advertising and on-hand event support – all are given generously and in true commitment to the mission of the foundation.

Jess also leverages his corporate credibility and relationships to ensure that one hundred percent of every dollar given for tickets, auction items and sponsorships goes directly to scholarships. Through his leadership, more than $1.65 million has been generated for scholarships at all Taste events. More importantly, these events have brought the foundation new publicity, new partnerships, an expanded donor base and the opportunity for a college education for students in need.

Jess Bailes and the ABC staff are humble and matter-of-fact about their commitment to service and philanthropy. His servant leadership has earned him the respect of Valencia and our community.

Source:  Valencia Foundation Biennial Report Online

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