faculty attend institute on peace studies

Faculty from Valencia Community College attended the Kroc Institute's second annual Summer Institute, "Teaching Peace in the 21st Century."

 More than 60 faculty from 19 colleges/universities including Valencia Community College attended the Kroc Institute’s second annual Summer Institute for Faculty, “Teaching Peace in the 21st Century.”  

The weeklong institute was created in response to growing interest in peace studies at the college and university level. Participants come from institutions in the United States, Colombia, and Israel.  

Valencia Faculty stated the institute provided an opportunity to learn about Peace Studies and its 50 year history of credible contribution to academia.  Professor Rachel Allen noted: “The faculty at Kroc Institute were extremely generous with their time, meeting with our four faculty members to help design and develop our program.  Professors Yasmeen Qadri, Penny Villegas, and Paul Chapman will bring these teachings home to promote the Peace and Justice Initiative as well develop our own Peace Studies curriculum at the college.  We are very grateful to everyone at Kroc for providing such an awesome experience!” 

The Summer Institute was created to guide teams of faculty seeking to launch or expand peace studies programs. George A. Lopez, an internationally recognized authority on peace studies program development, led the Institute, along with about a dozen faculty and staff from the Kroc Institute.  

About 400 colleges and universities around the world offer peace studies programs at the undergraduate level. The Kroc Institute is unique in higher education for its combination of a substantive research agenda and degree programs at all levels — doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate. The Kroc Institute’s nearly 25 year history and faculty who are pioneers in the field position Kroc to help academic institutions with peace studies programs at every stage of development.  

source: http://kroc.nd.edu/newsevents/news/summer-institute-focuses-teaching-peace-707


2 Responses

  1. Thank you Dr. Qadri, we appreciate your insight on the Summer Institute and your ongoing support of education in our community!

  2. It was truly an honor and a blessing to attend the Kroc Summer Institute, Teaching Peace in the 21st Century.
    With violence and conflict becoming a norm of our public schools, I think it is vital to teach future teachers about peace and conflict transformation. I was inspired by all the scholarly work and training sessions, and was proud to represent my college!

    We have developed professional networking with so many colleagues from around the nation and the world. The training at Notre Dame University has reinforced my teaching philosophy and I will continue to work on promoting peace!

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