endowed chair program

Valencia educators are encouraged to remain current and continually improve discipline knowledge. The endowed chair program at the Valencia Foundation, with support and resources from many community partners, provide Valencia faculty the opportunity to examine the effectiveness of their teaching, counseling, librarianship and assessment techniques as they influence student learning. 2009-2010 overview of winners:

Meet This Year’s Endowed Chair Distinguished Professors

Meet the faculty
Developing for the Droid
Dr. Colin Archibald, Computer Programming

Always one to embrace new technology, “Dr. A” is working on ways to incorporate smart phones into his coursework. Currently, he’s learning how to program for the Android operating system so that he can create online teaching materials, including screen-casts, for smart phones. He is also working on programming his own application to be sold on the Android market.

 Meet the faculty
Bringing Feature Films to Valencia
Ralph Clemente, Film Production

Ralph Clemente is a well-known name in the Florida film scene. As director of Valencia’s film program for more than 20 years, he’s brought over 35 feature film projects to Valencia, giving students the opportunity to work on-set, right alongside industry professionals. Each year, the Valencia Film Celebration showcases the latest Valencia film project as well as a variety of short subject films produced by students.

Meet the faculty
Managing Online Math Courses
Dr. Fitzroy Farquharson, Mathematics

Dr. Farquharson is currently developing a web-based program that will help students determine whether or not they are prepared to take math courses online. This way students will know what to expect from an online math course as opposed to one taught in the classroom and can decide if it’s the right mode of instruction for them. Dr. Farquharson also serves as a mentor for Valencia’s Bridges to Success program and has been named to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.

Meet the faculty

Researching the Holocaust

Richard Gair, English and Reading

To bring first-hand experience to his course, Multimedia Literature and the Holocaust, Professor Gair has traveled the world to areas impacted by the Holocaust, including leading students on a study abroad trip to Poland and the Czech Republic. This past summer, he went to Israel to study at Yad Vashem, the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust, and to serve for the third time as a volunteer for the Israeli Army.

Meet the faculty

Taking Hospitality Students to NYC

Jim Inglis, Hospitality Management

This fall, Professor Inglis will take a group of 12 hospitality students to the International Hotel and Restaurant Show in New York City where they will get to meet industry experts, witness culinary competitions and tour several hotels and restaurants. Inglis, who is on the Board of Directors for the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, also took 100 students to the Florida Restaurant Show this year. He is currently helping to start a student chapter of the FRLA at Valencia.

Meet the faculty

Creating Creative Writers

Dr. Ilyse Kusnetz, English

To teach students in her Composition I and II classes about different elements of literature, Dr. Kusnetz has them write their own poems and stories. This way, students don’t just learn to identify elements such as figurative language, symbolism, setting, and allusion, but to use them as well. Dr. Kusnetz is also exploring the possibility of launching an A.A. degree in creative writing at Valencia.

Meet the faculty

Putting the App in Apple

Dr. Lisa Macon, Information Technology

Dr. Macon is currently helping to create a new certificate program in mobile applications programming. The program will teach students how to create and distribute iPhone and Android applications. Dr. Macon, who represents the Apple side of the project, is currently learning more about the process by developing her own iPhone and iPad applications to be distributed on the iTunes App Store. Dr. Macon also specializes in online learning, virtual worlds, and technology careers for women.

Meet the faculty

Adding More Multimedia Offerings

Robert McCaffrey, Digital Media Technology

Professor McCaffrey teaches several of the production, motion graphics and post-production classes at Valencia and also serves as the program chair for Digital Media. He has produced and written several short films, as well as a feature-length horror film, “Vampire Rock.” Currently, he is working to create a web development specialization to be offered through the Digital Media program.

Meet the faculty

Taking Chefs to Chicago

Pierre Pilloud, Culinary Management

Swiss-born and trained, Chef Pierre is a phenomenal chef and instructor who is also known for his sense of humor. In addition to helping students hone their skills in the kitchen, he teaches them about the restaurant industry as a whole. In 2011, he’ll take a group of students to the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago to attend seminars, meet industry professionals and learn about the restaurant business.

Meet the faculty

Crossing Borders in Education

Dr. Yasmeen Qadri, Education

To help students gain cross-cultural and inter-faith understanding, Dr. Qadri will take two of them to Pakistan for a week to visit schools built by author and humanitarian, Greg Mortenson. Since 1994 he has established over 180 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, providing an education to over 51,000 children, with an emphasis on girls who have very few educational opportunities.

Meet the faculty

Bringing Guest Dancers to Valencia

Dr. Suzanne Salapa, Dance

To expose students to innovative and diverse choreographic approaches, Dr. Salapa likes to bring renowned guest artists to Valencia to both perform and teach. This year’s guest artist is Robert Battle, founder of Battleworks Dance Company, who will teach a series of master classes focusing on the heritage and history of his dance company.

Meet the faculty

Combining Culture with Language

Richard Sansone, Portuguese

Professor Sansone believes that learning about a people’s culture goes hand-in-hand with learning their language. To help students gain a better understanding of both, he leads study abroad trips to Brazil and also organizes the annual Valencia Brazilian Film Festival. Next up, he is planning a trip to Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking African country of Cape Verde, where he will study the language and culture, collect audiovisual materials and gain first-hand experiences to share with students.


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