ten for 2010

What were the highlights for Valencia in 2010? While there were many things accomplished, these would certainly qualify for the short list.

1.  Professor James May was chosen Florida Association of Community College’s Professor of the Year.

2.  We added bachelor’s degrees for the first time.

3.  We broke through to #1 in most associate degrees awarded in the country.

4.  We smashed records in financial aid, awarding $156,064,210, up almost a million dollars from ’09.

5.  We had our first Jack Kent Cooke scholar, Mikhail Elliott, who scored a $90,000 scholarship.

6.  Our new classroom building jointly used by UCF opened.

7.  Two of our students (Charnee Ball and Kathryn McCormick) were chosen from 200 contestants to appear in a video series called, “Take America to College.”

8.  Kathleen Plinske, Pepperdine grad and one of 24 Emerging Leaders in the world according to Phi Delta Kappa International, was named to head the Osceola Campus and Valencia at Lake Nona High School.

9.  We launched a new joint Valencia/UCF architecture degree in the fall.

10.  Valencia went greener than ever thanks in part to custodial supervisor Jerry Cochran. Valencia’s recycling program has reduced its carbon footprint by saving 5,931 trees, 132,744 gallons of oil, 1047 cubic yards of landfill space, 1,395,520 kilowatts of energy, and 2.44 million gallons of water.

Source: Marketing and Strategic Communications, Valencia Community College; Valencia News; http://news.valenciacc.edu


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