3 in motion

Kristin Anthony (from left), Christin Carlow and Cara Carper perform Yow Dance's "Empty," part of the "3 in Motion" program. (photo by Selena Moshell)

Yow Dance, Valencia Dance Theatre and Dr. Phillips students team for ‘3 in Motion’

A trio of dance organizations bands together tonight for “3 in Motion,” a free production on the first day of ArtsFest, the annual festival of arts and culture run by United Arts of Central Florida.

The twist to “3 in Motion”? Each group is at a different level of development: The dancers come from the Dr. Phillips High School dance magnet program, Valencia Dance Theatre at Valencia Community College and Yow Dance, an Orlando professional company.

“The idea is to really get the three different groups intermixed,” says Eric Yow, artistic director of Yow Dance.

During the show, each group performs numbers from its repertory — but what the public sees is just the final event in a three-day educational program.

Beginning Wednesday, the companies met for dress rehearsals, master classes, mini-performances for Dr. Phillips students and a sometimes emotional discussion about life as a dancer.

“The room kind of sizzles” during the discussion session, says Kathy Follensbee, dance director at Dr. Phillips High.

Yow says the students are transfixed by stories from the real world: “They have it from the horse’s mouth — because these [professional] dancers are doing it, are living it.”

In past years, the professionals have become emotional when discussing the challenges in their careers.

“Some of my dancers really opened up,” Yow says. “It was a real heartfelt discussion. Some of the dancers cried.”

The students soak up an incredible amount of knowledge in a short time, Follensbee says, from technique to how to behave professionally during a warm-up session.

“Any time you work with people of a higher caliber, it raises your game,” she says.

The enthusiasm of one group ignites the others, says Suzanne Salapa, director of dance at Valencia Community College.

“We all eat, sleep and breathe dance,” Salapa says. “We share the same belief system — to get dance out in Orlando.”

Because each troupe has its own flair, the “3 in Motion” program lets the audience experience a variety of contemporary styles. “It becomes really special because it’s about education — not only for the three companies but for the community,” Follensbee says.

The joint performance perfectly represents the collaborative nature of ArtsFest, says Margot Knight, United Arts president.

“The more you get creative minds together, the better the product,” Knight says. “When we get creative people in a room together exciting things happen — and audiences like it when exciting things happen.”

See for yourself

  • What: ‘3 in Motion’ contemporary dance program
  • When: 7:30-9:30 p.m. Friday
  • Where: Dr. Phillips High School Performing Arts Center, 6500 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando
  • Tickets: Free. Go to artsfestFL.com and click on “Schedule.” Then scroll to page 8 of the schedule and click on the “Tickets are limited” icon.
  • Call: 407-355-3200

Source: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment_arts_letter/2011/02/yow-dance-valencia-dance-theatre-and-dr-phillips-students-team-for-3-in-motion.html


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