happy monday!

Happy thoughts this Monday from a Valencia scholarship recipient:

On this morning, Monday morning, I woke up dreading the start of a new school week. Do not get me wrong – I love school, but you know how Mondays are. The weekend is over and now you have five days of work! However, this Monday was a little bit different. Just like every morning, I check my email for any last minute information that the professors have sent out and instead I found an email from Valencia Community College. This email stated that I have received a scholarship. This has made Monday my favorite day of the week!

As you can tell, this is my thank you letter so let me start off by saying: Thank you! I cannot even begin to tell you how this scholarship money will come in handy. Currently, I’m a student enrolled at Valencia Community College going for my associate of science in nursing. As well as Valencia, I’m also enrolled in a concurrent program at University of Central Florida, going for my bachelor of science in nursing at the same time. This program is limited with only 28 students admitted this year, with two already dropped so we’re down to 26. My projected graduation date from Valencia is May 2012 – then I will go on to take my NCLEX to become a registered nurse and I hope to make the professors proud!

One day, I hope to become someone that makes differences, maybe not to the whole world but at least in someone’s life. I want to be a nurse that patients would be happy to see when my shift starts. I plan to go on to get my master’s in the future. The sky is the limit!

Thank you again for this wonderful surprise!


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