bachelor’s degrees come to valencia

Valencia launches its own bachelor’s degree programs for the first time in its history this fall, with electrical and computer engineering technology and radiologic and imaging science. They add to an already strong presence of bachelor’s programs offered through UCF’s regional campus at Valencia. They also are in high demand by Valencia students and lead to well-paying jobs in stable industries—health care and high technology.

Similar bachelor’s degrees had been offered by the University of Central Florida until July of 2009, when budget cuts forced the university to eliminate the programs. The B.S. in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences will offer concentrations in Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Quality Management. The degree will primarily be offered through online courses for the flexibility they offer to working health-care professionals.

The program aligns with associate degree programs in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Radiography already offered by Valencia. The B. S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology will have concentrations in Computer Systems, Electrical/Electronic Systems and Laser and Photonics. It aligns with the A.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology and the A.A. in Engineering. The curriculum prepares graduates for engineering occupations related to electrical/ electronics, computer systems, digital electronics, digital and wireless communication and lasers and optics.

Reprinted from Valencia Vitae, Spring 2011


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