student thank you’s – study abroad

Through the SAGE Office (Study Abroad Global Experience), the foundation offers scholarships for study abroad opportunities. Here are two thank-you’s from students who recently traveled to China:

“I would like to thank the SAGE program for additional financial support provided for my study abroad class to China. The trip was very educational and gave me a new perspective on how business is conducted in foreign countries. It has inspired me to start looking into employment opportunities abroad. I cannot express how thankful I am for everything.” –Erich  

“I want to thank you for awarding me a one thousand dollar scholarship. Because of your kind courtesy, I was able to travel to China by airfare and stay two weeks in two amazing cities, Beijing and Shanghai. I will definitely recommend this scholarship program to anyone who needs financial assistance in their hope to study abroad.

Over my stay in China, I got to visit some remarkable sites! The Great Wall of China, that being my favorite site, was absolutely incredible! The view of the gorgeous mountains and never-ending wall was exhilarating to see! I also visited The Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City, Fengjing Ancient Town, Yonghe Gong (Buddist temple), Huangpu River, etc.

I learned a lot about Chinese culture and their ways of doing business thanks to the guest speakers, lectures and historical sites visited. China has taught me to be a holistic thinker and more appreciative of life. We can’t focus our attention on one thing, we have to look at the whole picture.” –Sasha

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