nursing professor susie boatman forehand retires

Valencia Nursing Professor Susie Boatman Forehand Retires

After 35 years of hard work and dedication, we would like to announce the retirement of Valencia nursing professor Susie Forehand (she began at Valencia November 11, 1976).  Susie has been an advocate for quality nursing education all of her life. At Valencia, Susie’s dedication to students is exemplified in her contributions to nursing. She has educated and nurtured thousands of students who have gone out into the community to serve with her same dedication, preparing numerous men and women for a career in nursing.

Many will tell you that Susie is a hard professor, but she says she just expects the best from her Valencia students. Her students have been given a gift of an education that they will never forget. Many graduates return to see Susie and say, ‘thank you for teaching me how to be a great nurse.’  Susie’s commitment to excellence and service continue and will forever remain her legacy at Valencia College.

In lieu of gifts or an elaborate retirement celebration, Professor Susie Boatman Foreman requested donations to support current and future nursing student scholarships at Valencia. Should you wish to make a contribution please visit online at:

Her nurturing character has extended over many years.  In the early 1960s Susie participated in the Civil Rights movement during the Dr. Martin Luther King era of peaceful protest.  In our own Orange County, Susie participated in passive marches, sit-ins and demonstrations that untimely resulted in “black & white” signs removed and local lunch counters open to serve all patrons.

She continued to explore new cultures by traveling the world and covering five continents in 11 years.  These visits to Hong Kong, Spain, Greece, Mexico and England expanded her passion for inclusion.  In addition, her travels have extended to six countries in Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Senegal, and the Congo.

Susie’s good work has been recognized within our community through a number of awards including Nursing Excellence, Nursing Educator Award, Instructor of the Year and nominations as Woman of the Year.  Although Susie Forehand is retiring, her commitment to nursing students at Valencia College will continue with your support.

In lieu of gifts or an elaborate celebration, Susie requested donations for current and future nursing student scholarships at Valencia.

We hope you will join us in honoring Susie’s milestone with a contribution reflecting her commitment to educating future nursing professionals at Valencia College.

Should you wish to make a donation please visit us online at:


5 Responses

  1. Best instructor I ever had – I learned so much and it has stayed with me all these years! Congrats to her and I hope she is enjoying her retirement!

    Allison N., class of ’89

    • Thank you Allison, we’ll share your warm wishes with retired Valencia Professor Susie Forehand. I know she’ll appreciate the note!

      Have you connected with the Valencia Alumni Association? They have a nursing chapter and your annual membership is absolutely free. I hope you remain connected with Valencia and get involved with some of the exciting Alumni Association benefits and events.

      Valencia Alumni application located here:

    • Hello Allison,
      Thanks for thinking of me. It has been a year since my retirement. My schedule is such that it doesn’t seem like I am retired. I am living each day to the fullest (i.e. I am volunteering in the new born nursery at a local hospital). Allison, I remember you each time I dust the shelf in the curio where my hand painted vase is that you gave me for Christmas in 1989. The note that you wrote states: Mrs. Forehand, Thank you again for all of your help this semester. I really do appreciate it. This was hand-painted by my mom. Merry Christmas. Allison Newman.
      The is kept in the vase. I will always remember you.
      Thanks for being you.
      Professor Forehand

  2. Congratulations! My oldest daughter is an RN @ Florida Hospital in the Cardiovascular Unit for a little over a year now.

    Enjoy every new sunrise. God bless you!

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