a note of thanks

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude for your generous offer for academic funding. I was overwhelmed with delight and appreciation when I learned that you selected me from countless other students to receive this scholarship. I have never been considered for such an award and your charity affirms my hard work and determination. Philanthropy such as yours is very humbling and commendable.

I currently hold a 4.0 grade point average, and am about to start my fourth semester at Valencia College. I take my studies very seriously – ambitiously pursuing knowledge and success. Once I complete my associate of arts: general studies degree, I intend to continue my education at the University of Central Florida. Thanks to your support, I can maintain my grades worry-free.

By awarding me the Marie Blount Scholarship, you have eased my financial encumbrance and allowed me to continue to focus solely on my studies. You have inspired me to not only continue striving for success, but also to help others as much as possible. I hope one day to use the knowledge and success I gain from my academic endeavors to help students and the community. Once again, I earnestly thank you for your generosity.

Dustin Hope


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