2012-13 valencia foundation scholarship recipient: deborah karim

The Student Opportunity scholarship is provided by the Faculty and Staff at Valencia College. Faculty and Staff members donate generously to provide our students with scholarships dedicated to the costs of their tuition, fees, books and materials. Their generosity, dedication and effort to support our students has gifted 9 students for 2012-13 academic year.

Deborah Karim, presently a sophomore in the Electronics Engineering program at Valencia College, is one of the 2012-13 Student Opportunity scholarship recipients. Currently, Deborah holds a 3.57 GPA and has participated in a variety of volunteer projects, such as: Give Kids the World Village, Valencia Volunteers, Valencia Honors, UCF Camp Connect. Currently, she is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that provides her with the opportunity to volunteer within her field of study. In her free time, Deborah enjoys volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, Greater Chatham Alliance E-Volunteer where she gathers crime statistics to better her community and Chicago Women in Trades where she assists socially and economically disadvantaged women prepare to re-enter the workforce.

In addition to her degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, Deborah will also earn her A.S. in Engineering Technology and Hospitality Management. In 2008, Deborah experienced the hardship of being laid off from her position as a commercial electrician apprentice within the construction field.

“It is a very sobering experience to admit that for the first time since the age of 16, I am not able to support myself and cannot find a job. My solution is education as the method of choice to escape poverty and that is why I went back to school. I chose electronics and computer engineering courses because I want to learn the latest technology, sustain myself through employment and then show others in similar circumstances how to do the same. I am a very active student and volunteer. Furthermore, I strongly believe in giving back to the community. Even though my own resources are limited and dwindling, I know there are many others worse off than me. I am carrying a full-time course load but still take advantage of extracurricular and volunteer opportunities provided by Valencia College.”

Deborah is also the editor and contributing creative non-fiction writer for Valencia’s Phoenix Magazine. Within a team of editors, she is currently assisting with selecting fiction, non-fiction, and poetry submissions for the upcoming years publications.

“My volunteer work gives me more pleasure than any paid job I have ever held because I know I am making a positive difference in someone’s life. I am positive by nature and have become more efficient as I try to overcome my current obstacles to progress. Because of my public service and customer services skills, I can teach or help others, particularly the invisible poor in our society, to survive through education and technology. I will be able to show others how they can reach inside and explore their own creativity in order to sustain themselves in society.” Deborah Karim

The Valencia Foundation partners with many generous donors who are excited to contribute to the education of the leaders of tomorrow, such as Deborah. If you haven’t already, there is still time to apply by visiting: http://valenciacollege.edu/finaid/Scholarship_bulletin.cfmand applying for the 2012-13 Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application.


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