how to: complete the valencia foundation scholarship application

Need help completing your Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application? We can help! 

The Valencia Foundation maintains over 650 named scholarships that are available to qualifying students currently enrolled at Valencia College

By completing just one Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application, the foundation will forward your application for review for any and/or all scholarships to which you qualify for! It’s really that simple! 

Need help completing your scholarship application? Watch the Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application Tutorial for a step by step guide of how to complete your application from beginning to end. 

Many students believe they must be “straight A students” or that if they qualified for federal aid, they won’t qualify for scholarships. Join us as we tackle common Scholarship Myths

To access the Spanish version of the Valencia Foundation Scholarship application, visit: Valencia Foundation Spanish Application – Read Only. (Please note: applications and essays must submitted online and in English upon submission.)

Don’t let another minute pass by! Complete your 2014-15 Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application TODAY! 

Will you start Valencia in the fall of 2014? New students can submit their 2014-15 Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application in May! 

For questions on completing your scholarship application, please contact Susan Ambridge (Phone: 407-582-1168, Email: or Jen Bhagirath (Phone: 407-582-3154 Email:

common scholarship myths

There are many myths about applying for Valencia Foundation scholarships. Our scholarships are a great financial resource when seeking higher education from Valencia College. Some myths suggest student eligibility requirements only target only a portion of the college’s student body.

Join us as we tackle these myths with facts about applying for Valencia Foundation Scholarships.

Scholarship Myths

MYTH: I haven’t submitted a FAFSA, therefore I can’t apply for scholarships…
FACT: Not all scholarships require students to submit a FAFSA application or demonstrate need.

MYTH: I applied for federal aid but didn’t qualify for financial aid, so I won’t qualify for a scholarships…
FACT: While most scholarships are need-based, not all Valencia Foundation scholarships require students to complete the FAFSA. As long as you’ve successfully completed your FAFSA application, you’ll satisfy this requirement.

MYTH: I’d have to be a “straight A student” in order to receive scholarship funding… 
FACT: Students of different enrollment statues, majors, and GPA’s are considered for scholarship funding.

MYTH: Applying for scholarships will reduce my federal aid eligibility…
FACT: We encourage you to utilize scholarship and grant funding prior to utilizing student loans as scholarship funding DOES NOT have to be repaid.

MYTH: The scholarship application process is too much work…
FACT: All it takes is ONE scholarship application. Upon submission, our foundation will then forward your application to ALL scholarships to which you qualify for.

MYTH: I don’t know where to apply…
FACT: In order to apply, visit and submit your 2013-14 Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application today.

MYTH: The essay is too hard… I don’t know what to write about. 
FACT: The essay portion of the scholarship application is what allows the donor to really get to know you. Share your story, educational, and professional goals. Explain what an impact scholarship funding will make in your life.

MYTH: I can’t reach my recommender… without their reference, I won’t be able to apply.
FACT: Although letters of recommendation allow the donor to learn more about you, recommendations are not required in order to submit your scholarship application. We encourage you to connect with your recommender before listing their information in hopes to add to your scholarship application.

Don’t let another moment pass by, submit your 2013-14 Valencia Foundation Scholarship Application TODAY!

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