Valencia Foundation

Valencia Foundation is the fundraising partner for Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. It is governed by up to 60 volunteer community leaders who donate their time, treasures and talents to provide urgently needed scholarships and support for college faculty, facilities and programs.

Our guiding principles are:

  • to steward the resources entrusted to our care
  • to make enhancement of student learning the center of our work
  • to provide opportunities to individuals who might not otherwise be able to attend college
  • to invest wisely and conservatively
  • to partner with the college to meet its mission in the community
  • to communicate openly, frequently and honestly with our constituents
  • to honor the privacy of our donors and friends
  • to value diversity in all its forms and respect the dignity of the individual
  • to ensure we meet both the letter and the spirit of the laws that govern our work

To visit us on the web, please click here.

Valencia Foundation

1768 Park Center Drive  Orlando, Florida 32835

p  407.582.3150  +  f  407.582.3156



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  1. Great article on Patti Riva. She has a kind and generous spirit.

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